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You can, but we hope you will let us host the site so that you can benefit from our fast, WordPress optimised hosting. Also, for us to respond to support requests or other issues as quickly as possible it should be hosted with us. Then we know we have full access, current passwords and are 100% familiar with the hosting environment.

Our office is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. We are happy to meet up or we can discuss your needs via phone or Skype if preferred.

Normally all we need is an administrator login to your WordPress website. Using this we can migrate a copy of your website over to our servers. If you want us to look after your domain name registration and records (DNS) we may also need your domain name logins or a UDAI. We’ll work through this with you and make it as easy as possible.

Once you provide us with the information we require , we’ll have you moved to us within one business day.

The simplest way is to use our secure online checkout which will setup an automatic monthly subscription to the plan that you choose using your credit card. If you prefer to pay via internet banking or automatic payment, please send us an email at

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time.

Our servers are located in a secure, professionally managed datacenter in Australia. We chose Australia as, after extensive testing, our provider was able to to out perform NZ based servers in every test we did.

There are three ways to submit a support request. The most common way is via email at, or you can use our support portal, or call on 07 282 0700. We look forward to hearing from you!

We should be able to. Best to contact us and provide whatever login information you have, hosting information and any details you can provide that will help us to help you.

We do provide an email service seperate to our care plans if you require it. Pricing starts at $10 per month for five email addresses, each with a 2GB mailbox. Contact us for details.

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