WordPress Priority support

The SmartWP support team is at your service

What is WordPress priority support?

As a care plan customer you’ll receive priority support, access to our WordPress experts and enjoy minimal wait times. Most small tasks will be completed the same business day, and you’ll be advised of a completion time for larger tasks.

Our WordPress support team can be contacted over the phone, by email or the help desk portal. You’ll be able to reach us easily when you need us.

What are the benefits?

The key benefit is that any issues that need resolving or work you need done will get completed efficiently and quickly due to our WordPress expertise. Because we are hosting and managing your site, in the event that your website goes down we can get you up and running quickly because we have all the access and information we require.

There’s no delays waiting for different parties to respond, as is often the case when you use multiple service providers.

Available on these Plans:

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