Optimised WordPress hosting?

Specialised, dedicated WordPress hosting for speed and reliability

What is optimised WordPress hosting?

Unlike the vast majority of web hosting services in NZ, our servers are configured to only run WordPress sites. This leads to a dramatic performance increase and ensures simple deployment and maintenance of WordPress CMS. Our servers are seriously powerful and run on PHP 7+ to deliver an optimal WordPress experience.

We also take security and stability very seriously with firewalls, DOS protection and other best practice security protocols in place. Everything is backed up on Amazon S3 for complete peace of mind and our experienced support team is ready to assist when needed.

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What are the benefits?

Great website hosting is absolutely critical to the success of your WordPress site. If you choose a low-quality host, your website will suffer from downtime and poor loading times – which can cause users to abandon your website before your website even loads.

You benefit by having a single point of contact that manages your hosting and looks after your web content. If something does go wrong, there’s no time lost with you going back and for between your host and your developer trying to work out where the problem is and who fixes it. Essentially, the buck stops with us.

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