Performance Optimisation

Identifying and fixing issues that are slowing your website down

What is performance optimisation?

Everyone knows that routine maintenance is required to achieve optimal performance from a car. But many people fail to understand that their website is no different. Regular maintenance and tune-ups are required to keep it running smooth and fast.

We test your sites performance using two industry standard benchmarking tools and analyse the results. We’ll look for areas where your site is underperforming, and how we can get it up to full speed again. You’ll see these opportunities in your monthly report.

An example of your monthly report

What are the benefits?

Your WordPress website needs to be performance optimised for two very good reasons.

1. Google uses site speed as a factor when determining how to rank you. The better optimised your site, the more likely you are to outrank your competition.

2. Your website visitors love a site when it loads fast. It ensures they spend less time waiting and can find what they want faster. On the other hand, a slow website is likely to frustrate visitors, resulting in them leaving to find a better, faster site.

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