Content delivery network (CDN)

Delivering your web content faster to people all around the world

What is a CDN?

For the majority of our clients, our fast local hosting is everything they need. But for others who operate globally, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that utilises various servers located all around the globe can be a great way to provide a fast website to all your visitors. The CDN serves static assets such as images, CSS and JavaScript to save time.

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What are the benefits?

While many websites have predominantly local (NZ) visitors, if your website targets a global audience then a CDN is a good option for you. A CDN automatically loads your website from the server closest to your website visitor allowing your website to run faster. In addition, the server load is shared across many locations meaning it can handle extremely high traffic volumes.

We work with Cloudflare to provide reliable, high-performance CDN services.

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