Automated WordPress backups

Without a robust backup process, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your site

What are automated website backups?

When we create a backup it contains all the files and the database contents of your entire website. It’s a critical part of any care plan as it enables us to reinstall a website if something goes wrong within minutes. Should your website suffer a major issue we will restore it to a previous, fully functional version of the website.

We perform daily backups (or more often if required) and these are stored in an encrypted format for protection. We have a dual backup process so that at any given time there are two backups – one on the server and another stored remotely. Logging is enabled to track backup status and to provide quick restore points.

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What are the benefits

If an update breaks your site, you get hacked or your website crashes, restoring from a full backup will have you back online in minutes. Automation ensures that your website is backed up as scheduled rather than you having to remember to manually create a backup – which hardly anyone ever does.

We can also create a staging site, something that is useful when adding new functionality as you can thoroughly test the changes before pushing them to the live site.

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